USA Football
USA Football
How to prepare for the MYFL 2020 Season
Be sure to save your end of year report cards to hand in with your registration. The SNEYFC will be continuing that rule throughout the 2020 season. You will also need an updated medical form.


Welcome to the Montville Youth Football League.  We are thrilled to have you and your child as a part of our League.

We understand that you and your family have several choices when choosing a fall sport.  What the MYFL has to offer is unmatched.  The sports of football and cheer represent the true meaning of teamwork. Without an offensive line, the runningback would not gain any yards.  Without a base, a flyer would not reach such heights.  Each position is dependent on the other, so our kids form a trust that the person next to them has their full support.  We build character, respect, determination, work ethic and the value of community, education and team.

2018 MYFL Executive Board