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How to prepare for the MYFL 2020 Season
Be sure to save your end of year report cards to hand in with your registration. The SNEYFC will be continuing that rule throughout the 2020 season. You will also need an updated medical form.


What is the Montville Youth Football League?

The Montville Youth Football League, herein known as the MYFL, is a non-profit organization devoted to offering the sports of football and cheer to the youth of our community as well as the surrounding towns of BOZRAH, SALEM and COLCHESTER.

Are coaches screened and trained?

Yes. Background checks are run on all coaches. All of our coaches are volunteers and they care about your athlete, safety, and their community. Most of our coaches are parents as well. As parent/coaches they tend to move through our program with their kids. A good number of them cycle through with a younger sibling, some stay involved because they enjoy the experience and believe in our program. We are always looking for new coaches and better ways to train them. There are many coach training opportunities being offered from both within the program as well as outside the program.


How do I register?

We will offer in-person registration dates throughout the year but it is preferred if you can register online using our Registration Tab.


How are different teams grouped?

Our football teams are based on their "League Age" while our cheer teams are based on grade.  "League Age" is the age of your child prior to December 1st of the current year. 

(Example:  If your child is 10 years old at the start of the season, but their birthday is November 20th, their "League Age" is 11 years old,.  Your child would then be assigned to our 12U football team.)

The teams are broken down as follows:


Flag - Ages 4 - 6

8U - Ages 7 - 8

10U - Ages 9 -10

12U - Ages 11 - 12

14U - Ages 13-14


Munchkins - Ages 4-5

Mini - Ages 6-7

Micro - Ages 8-9

Junior - Ages 10-11

Senior - Ages 12-14

The grade that your child is entering in the fall will determine your placement in the appropriate group.

How are coaches selected?

Those that are interested in coaching apply through our Coach Registration page and they will also complete a background check.  Once these steps are completed, their application is brought before the Board of Directors for approval.  If approved, they will then be assigned, first by team of interest, then by team in need if their preference is not available.


When do practices start?

Practices generally begin the last week of July.  Specific dates and times are not yet scheduled for 2016.

How long are practices?

Practices are generally around 2 hours long for our Micro/10U, Junior/12U and Senior/14U teams.  Our Mini/8U teams practice for 1.5 hours and our Munchkin/Flag teams practice for 1 hour.  Your coach will provide the specifics as the season nears. It is very important to plan to be at practice about 15 minutes early so your child does not get marked absent when practice begins.

How many practices per week?

Typically from the beginning of the season to the week before school, all teams will practice Monday - Friday, with the exception of Munchkin and Flag, who begin the 3rd week of August.  Once school starts, our Micro/10U, Junior/12U and Senior/14U teams will practice Monday - Thursday and our Mini/8U and Munchkin/Flag teams will likely practice Tuesday - Thursday.  Exact days and times have not yet been scheduled for the 2016 season.

What if I can't make a practice?

CONTACT THE VP OF FOOTBALL OR VP OF CHEER!! Please let them know as much ahead of time as possible that you won't be at a practice or game. This will allow them to adjust their roster as needed.

Does practice get cancelled due to weather?

No. As long as the players and field conditions are safe, we practice in sun, rain, snow, whatever!

What do I bring to practice?

For football, bring your equipment (already dressed) with a practice jersey and cleats.  For cheer, wear comfortable clothing and sneakers.  Be sure to bring water! Water is very important, especially on hot days. We recommend at least 1/2 gallon.

How should I prepare for practice?

Drink plenty of water to properly hydrate. A good rule of thumb for anticipated physical exertion is to drink 2 oz of water per pound of body weight.  Example:  If your child weighs 75 lbs, they should be drinking 150 oz of water throughout the day.  Do not force all of this water into a short time span. 

Do not eat a large meal within 2 hours before practice or a small meal 1 hour before practice. Your child will get sick. 

Make sure you have all of your equipment and practice attire!  If you forget any part of your gear (including sneakers for cheer), your child will not be allowed to practice. Do not forget your mouthguard!


How many games are there?

Typically, our conference teams will play 10 games and our Munchkin/Flag teams play 8.

When are the games played?

Our Conference teams will typically play on Saturday but there may be a few Sunday games.  

How long are the games?

Generally Flag games run about 1 hr and Conference games run about 2 hours. When adding in team prep and concluding activities, the entire process at the field can take 3 hours.

What time should I arrive for the game?

Work with your coach on what time you should be at the game. Generally, expect to be there an hour before the scheduled kick-off time but can be up to 2 hours before.

How much will I get to play in the games?

The Montville Youth Football League has the Mission and Values that all children get an opportunity to play. The MYFL has a minimum play rule of 10 plays per game for 8U and 10U and 5 plays per game for 12U and 14U.  This is contingent upon attending and participating in practices. Our coaches cannot, in good conscience, put a child on the field if they are not prepared.  Other factors may come into play and coaches discretion may apply.

What position will I play?

Probably several. Some players will play "both ways", both on offense and defense and some players will play several positions during the season. Your coaches are trained to find the best fits and will observe and work with you to find the best locations for you. We want you to be successful!


What if all of the above didn't answer my question?

Please contact us!